Multiple Salesman Jobs In UAE & Visa Process

Multiple Companies have announced a total sum of 450 jobs Of salesmen for the UAE. In case you are aiming to start a wonderful career in UAE this article is for you. In this article, we will explain apply the procedure for these jobs as well as Complete Visa Process in case you are from any country other than UAE.

For All information regarding Salesman jobs in Dubai Watch the Video Below.

These are Jobs in Dubai But if you are looking for jobs in Canada you can visit link Below

Jobs Offered

Jobs offered by Company are

  • Mans Department Manager- Dubai Mall
  • Sales Executive
  • Retail Sales Associates Jobs.
  • Account Manager jobs.
  • Department Manager Man Dubai Mall
  • Assistant Sales Manager
  • Store Manager

You Can apply for these jobs as well as many more by sending your CV at the link given by the end of this article. Salary as well as other facilities that will be provided to selected candidates vary according to the Rank of the Employee.

In case you want info

Source of these jobs

These jobs are taken by one of the world’s most famous job websites Our team hunts these jobs from multiple sources such as Linked-in, NEWS Papers,, Google , as well as from Other Top Job Portal. Our team authenticates these jobs and publishes the most trusted on this site.

Number of Jobs 450
Job Type Contract
Salary 2000-5000 UAE Dirhams
Qualification Matric
Source Indeed job website

This Video will be very helpful for you in case you want to hunt a job in Dubai.



To apply for these jobs you must have a wonderful CV that contains all your details. The most important thing in a CV is that it must contain all of your academics as well as your previous experiences. Companies here highly prefer experienced candidates instead of fresh ones.

Most people come to Dubai on Visit Visa. Rules and Regulations of Visit Visas have been changed Recently By the Govt of UAE. Those changes in the visa of Dubai are as under.

For other jobs

Visa For Dubai

In Case you are applying for these jobs from any country other than Dubai then

Multiple Salesman Jobs In UAE & Visa Process

you definitely need Visa for these jobs. A visa is a piece of document that gives permission to any citizen to Enter any other Country.

To apply for jobs as Security Guards in Dubai Visit

Changes In the Visa Process in UAE

Recently UAE Government has brought several changes in the Visa of Dubai for residents of other countries who wish to enter UAE. Those changes are as under.

  • Bank Statement of Applicant
  • Return Ticket in case of Visiting Visa
  • Reservation of Proper Residence (Hotel) in UAE
  • Minimum of 4000 Dihams Cash with you for accommodation and other expenses during the stay.

Bank Statement

According to the New Rules of UAE Visa, it is compulsory to attach the Bank statement of the Applicant along with other Documents. The more you have a current balance in your Bank Account more chances are there for getting your Visa Issued.

Furthermore, you must have enough cash with you when you Reach Dubai. Because due to the increased rate of Inflation daily expense of a single person in Dubai counts out nearly 150 Durhams. Thus authorities keep assuring that applicant has at least 4000 Dirhams with him to bear the expenses of his stay in Dubai.

In case you are applying for Visiting visa then you must have a return Ticket with you.

To apply Send a CV at

Click Here

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